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By Pastor Ben Tugwell in Integrity Church about 6 years ago | 1020 views Link:

Hey everyone,
Wanted to make everyone aware of a great partnership that Integrity Church has entered into. We are now part of a network of churches called Acts 29.

What is Acts 29?

It is a group of likeminded, missional, and reformed churches that band together for the sake of the Gospel and plant churches across the United States and the world. The goal behind it is to support qualified leaders to continue the work of the gospel and plant more churches.

This audio clip is a good snap shot that explains more of their mission:

What are the benefits of Integrity Church being apart of Acts 29?

  • LEADERSHIP COACHING. I will personally get world class coaching (one-on-one plus conferences) and accountability from other guys in the network, who are seasoned/veteran church planters, as well as guys who are just a few steps ahead of me. I will also get opportunities to coach men who are considering planting churches or just a few steps behind me in the process.
  • NETWORKING. We are now apart of an elite and worldwide network of churches who are there to support us in our efforts to strive in Greenville. 80% of church plants fail within the first 5 years. Fortunately we are blessed to have seen significant growth this year and now we are part of a network that can help us set and execute goals in order to move toward our vision for Greenville. It’s also encouraging to know that pastors and churches from all over the country are now praying and cheering for Integrity Church.
  • PUBLICITY. We are one of only 10 North Carolina churches in the Acts 29 network (the closest one to us is in Raleigh). This will, in a sense, “put us on the map”. This will help us in the long run as the network grows.

Although Acts 29 will be an influential and helpful resource for our church, we are still an autonomous body of believers. Which means IF, for some crazy reason, Acts 29 decides to stray from the Gospel of Jesus… we will no longer associate with the network. Thankfully I only see great things to come from our partnership. I see thousands of Gospel-centered churches planted throughout the world and many people worshipping Jesus through Acts 29. It’s a true blessing to be apart of such a great network!

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